Friday, September 26, 2014

Feel Good Friday

Can you feel it? Fall is here! You can smell the difference in the air. No longer is our house filled with the beach and summer. We have switched over to our fall smells and decor. I love it! 

Do you have kids or maybe, like me, you are big kid yourself. Either way, you should check out the Octonauts. The books and show have been around for some time but on the Disney channel, they are still going strong. Think Thunderbirds meet Sea Lab with cute animals and you have the Octonauts. You can read their books, see all their adventures and see other amazing art from Meomi HERE. PS-the toys are ADORABLE! 

Cooler temps can only mean that it is time for me to assess my scarf situation. I love scarfs! I really should learn to crochet better or even try my hand at knitting. In the meantime, I can always sew a new scarf for this fall. Flamingo Toes put together a great list of 30 DIY scarves to make that require no knitting needles. Check out their awesome list. 

It had to be done....

If this is your dog or you know whose dog it is, please let me know so I can come over and smooch it, 

Well cats and kittens, mama has got a lot of work to do this weekend. It's time for me to jump off the couch and get to it. Hope your weekend is filled with silly animals, puppies to kiss and thoughts of the fall season. 

Hans Christian Andersen

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Tute Thursday: Dyeing Your Own Embroidery Floss

I have always wanted to try dyeing my own embroidery floss but was scared that I would ruin it. What if it turned out ugly pea green mixed with 70's brown? gave me a chance to write a tutorial for dyeing your own variegated floss, It was so easy! I can't believe I missed out for so long. Now I want to dye everything! 

Since this was my first try, I didn't want to put a lot of money into dye so I went with a very simple commercial dye.

  • White floss 
  • Rit Dye
  • Squirt Bottles (I found these in the kitchen section of my local store)
  • plastic gloves (I used vinyl gloves like they use in the hospital)
  • plastic wrap
  • salt

 For dyeing floss, I didn't want to make up the entire batch of dye. I only wanted to make enough to fill the squirt bottles. I also wanted to do this so I could make variegated floss. I added two cups of hot water to the squirt bottle, then added 1 tablespoon salt, and started adding dye, about 1/4 of the packet. The salt is for cotton fabrics and floss. It helps the dye adhere to the floss better.  If you want the dye to be a stronger color, you can keep adding to it. To check and see how vibrant the color was, I tested a little squirt on a paper towel. 

 To prepare the area and the floss, I put down plastic wrap to cover my area, not too much, just enough to cover the area and lay the floss on top. I then took my floss and ran it under hot water. I squeezed out the excess water and laid it on my plastic wrap.

 Now the fun part! Squirt your dye onto the floss.  Be prepared, it will run! As you can see from the picture, the colors did bleed into each other, which is fine since I wanted variegated floss.

 One way to stop the dye from bleeding onto the floss is to add a little at a time, pick up the plastic wrap and then mix into the floss. Continue to add your colors.

 After you have all the colors you want on your floss, wrap it up with the plastic wrap. The color will darker over time. You can let it sit for a day and have dark vibrant colors, or let it sit for a few minutes and have muted tones. It is up to you and experiment with color. Have fun with shades .

 After you have your desired color, rinse out your floss and let it air dry. You certainly can dry it in the dryer but I prefer to air dry.  Once it is dry, have fun and get to stitching with your one of a kind floss. 

Close up on what the final product looked like all stitched up. This is just one way to dye floss. You can use natural dyes or different foods to obtain a spectrum of colors. The only thing stopping you is your imagination!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Tie One On Tuesday

One of my favorite Fall smells is cinnamon. The cooler weather mixes with cinnamon so well. When you have cinnamon in your drink, it warms up not only your body, but also your senses. 

The first thing that most people pair cinnamon with are apples. Apple Pie martinis and cocktails are everywhere, not that there is anything wrong with that. I love me some apple pie. 

Warm Apple Pie
1 1/2 ounces of Vanilla Liqueur
1/2 ounce cinnamon liqueur 
2-4 ounces of hot apple cider (depending on how strong you want your drink. Start with 2 and work your way up)
Whipped Cream

Combine the vanilla liqueur with the apple cider and top off with whipped cream. It it taste like a liquid Apple Pie ala Mode. 

While the rain and cool weather has hit my area, my home state is still very hot and humid. OMP can not believe that it is still in the 80's during October. For my southern friends who are still sweating it out, here's my refreshing yet spicy drink to honor you. 

Hot Southern Nights
1 1/2 ounce cinnamon schnapps
1 ounce peach liqueur
4 ounces clear soda (7Up or Sprite)
Mix and serve over ice. Some people use Coke or Pepsi instead of a clear soda. I'm not a fan of that, so I switched it up with 7Up.

Apples and cinnamon go together like pears and cinnamon, with a hint of mint. 

Spiced Pear Mojito
2 ounces Pear Liqueur
2 ounces apple juice
1 ounce cinnamon liqueur
lime juice to taste
mint leaves, crushed into the shaker 
Mix all ingredients in shaker and pour over ice.

Mmmm....I'm already feeling toasty and heated up from these yummy cinnamon concoctions. The rain has started and it's time for me to get cozy and enjoy the Fall weather. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

What's on TV?

Every fall I get excited for my old favorite TV shows to return and to find some new favorites along the way. This year is no exception. I think I am more excited this season than I have been in quite some time. 

I am just giddy that 5 of my old favorites that are coming back. Let's start with Sunday night. 

I love America's Funniest Videos. Don't judge me. I can not resist little kids getting knocked in the noggin with beach balls. It's hysterical. You know you laugh at football in the groin. This is the 25th year it has been on and is the last year for the best host, in my opinion, Tom Burgeron. It is on Sunday nights at 7:00pm

Right after America's Funniest Videos is a show that I just recently fell in love with, Once Upon a Time. I tried watching this when it first started and it was just so corny. It did not hold my interest. I decided, a few years later, to give it another chance when they brought in the Wicked Witch from Wizard of Oz. I binge watched every past season and I'm finally caught up. I'm not sure how the Frozen theme is going to play out. Quite frankly, I'm a little leery, as I was not a fan of the movie, but we shall see. I know it will be silly fun, 

Moving onto Monday nights, Sleepy Hollow is back for a second season. Yahoo! This show is such an interesting twist on the story of Ichabod Crane. I love the partnership of Crane and Lt. Abby Mills. You are not sure if you feel chemistry between them or what. You sort of want them to end of together but then you think about his wife. Maybe this season, questions will be answered.

For something more deep and disturbing, American Horror Story comes back with a sideshow theme. I have heard that the clown alone is so disturbing that it may be too scary to air. Now I'm intrigued. There is a lot of disturbing images and storylines in this show but like all bad wrecks, we are inclined to watch. 

Justified is back for its final season and I will give you one reason to watch...Sam Elliott. I don't think I need to say anymore.

For new shows, I am over the moon about Gotham. The show takes place starting when Bruce Wayne loses his parents. It basically goes through what made the villains so evil. Everyone has a back story and this series is all about that. 

The rainy season is getting ready to hit the Pacific Northwest and being stuck inside won't be as bad with my needle, floss and hoop and a little bit of fantasy, fear and intrigue. 

What show are you looking forward to this season? 

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Tie One On Tuesday

Sometimes having a nice glass of wine is just what the doctor ordered after a long day of dealing with the world. You want something with a nice taste but you don't want to blow all of your mad dollars bills. Don't worry, I've got you covered with a few tasty and cheap bottles of wine. 

House Wine Chardonnay
I am a fan of local spirits and this House Wine is made in the Pacific Northwest. It has nice hints of citrus (grapefruit, hint of lemon) with small undertones of vanilla. It is a very crisp wine and goes great with summer foods and seafood.  This wine is a great price at 10.00

Paringa Shiraz
I am a huge fan of a Shiraz. I absolutely love the subtle sweet candy taste to it. Paringa's Shiraz has a cherry, oak chocolate taste to it. It is perfect for the cold rainy nights, reading or stitching by the fire. This wine is another nice cheapy surprise at 10.00 a bottle. 

Wilson Creek Almond Champagne
You guys KNOW I need to get my champagne on. I LOVE it! It really is good for the soul, but mama does not want to break the bank while drinking it. I discovered the most intoxicating champagne that is also from the west coast, Wilson Creek Almond Champagne. I am not going to lie to you-a glass of this with a little slice of peach and you will be in HEAVEN! While the taste is heavenly, the price will keep your feet on the ground at around 12.00. 

 These are just a few inexpensive choices for you. You can still have flavor without breaking the bank. Pick one up today and enjoy a glass!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Scrappy Dog Sunday -The Gus Edition

I have a new obsession...Gus.  Gus is a Jack Russell/Pug mix. He is blind and deaf. When I first laid eyes on Gus and immediately thought, "why can't I have a bigger house and a bigger paycheck?" I instantly feel in love with this little guy. I worried about him and hoped that he would be adopted. 

Gus didn't have to wait very long to be adopted.

He is adapting very well to his new home and loves his siblings and when not attacking the laundry, loves snuggling with his new mom. Every time I read about Gus, I start to happy cry because I know that he will be loved and have the best time of his life. 

I don't know his new mom but I have been following him on his own Facebook page. Check out his videos-he is feisty! He is 100% pure scrap! Lola approves of this little boy.

Having a pet with special needs can be time consuming. I'm not going to lie to you, it is work but it is also amazing. Rescues need our love, they need us. Even if you want a breed specific pup, there are rescues. Yes, you are not sure what you are getting into, but isn't that the fun part of life? Who knows, you might end up with a Gus or an Iggy or a Pete (if it is the last two, then I apologize in advance)

Don't forget to love your furry child (or furry spouse) today. It is good for your soul. 

Friday, September 12, 2014

Feel Good Friday

YES! The weekend! It is here and I am one happy camper! YAHOO! What are you up to this weekend? I am planning on lots and lots of crafty goodness. 

Handmade by Charlotte created this most adorable tutorial and template for these Mix Em Up Spool Animals. Aren't they just the cutest thing ever? It is a great way to reuse those empty spools. You can find the post and tutorial HERE

I NEED this purse, NEED it. Urban Heirlooms has the best loot in their Etsy shop. 

The sun is shining today and it is still warm, which will be pretty rare in the coming weeks, so I am going to get out and enjoy the weather while I still can. Here's hoping that your weekend is full of some fun. Get out there and enjoy life! 

Guillaume Apollinaire