Monday, December 6, 2010

Bah Hum Bug!

Tis the season for holiday movies...fa la la la...One of the greatest and oldest holiday movie has to be A Christmas Carol. It has been remade year after year and each time there is a little twist.

1951's version of A Christmas Carol is the one that is the most well known and has stood the test of time among it's counterparts. Alastair Sim is classic and his face is what most people know as Scrooge. You feel the loneliness of Scrooge, the pain of Tiny Tim and the hope of Bob Cratchit. This adaptation definitely captures the feel of Dickens' England and the times in which it is set.

Although not called A Christmas Carol, Scrooged with Bill Murray offers a comedic yet thought provoking take on the classic story. There are parts in this comedy that will make you tear up and you will hear your heart break a little but just as you are reaching for your tissue, you are pulled back in with that classic Bill Murray sense of humor. This movie is in standard rotation during our Christmas celebration. When Frank Cross tells the ghost of the future to "Back off, it may work with the ladies but not with me." I nearly split a stitch! It is a light hearted comedy with a wonderful message of hope and redemption.

Okay, I'm going out on a limb here and recommending The Muppet's Christmas Carol. Why, you may ask...well, it 1) it has the muppets in it and 2)there is singing and 3) The closing credits include Rizzo the rat's personal caterer. Oh yeah, I can't forget Michael Cain as Scrooge. I'm not sure how that worked out but he does give an excellent performance along side those cute fuzzy muppets. This film is a wonderful way to introduce children to Charles Dickens.

Three different version, three wonderful movies. No matter how you interpret it-A Christmas Carol is a wonderful story that continues to stand the test of time. Now roast those chestnuts on an open fire, snuggle in for the night and enjoy.

PS-If those aren't your style check out these other versions.

A Christmas Carol with: Patrick Stewart, Gerorge C. Scott and Abert Finney

Or animated versions such as:
An All Dogs Christmas Carol 
Christmas Carol: The Movie
A Flintstones Christmas Carol
The Jetsons Christmas Carol
Mickey's Christmas Carol
Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol


AlphaBetsy said...

I absolutely adore the muppet version of The Christmas Carol. So many great songs... It feels like Christmas by the ghost of Christmas present. So great.

Danièle said...

Yes the Muppets Christmas Carol rules!

Becky said...

Yeppers - I agree that these are the 3 best versions of the story! I love Mickey's Christmas Carol almost as much as the Muppets!

Christine Edwards said...

I did catch bits of "Scrooged" the other night on AMC. Always fun. Your pooches look pretty festive too. Whenever I put anything on my dogs I get the "Really? Are ya kidding me?" look. I got your box number 7 today in the Matchbox swap. Thanks! Happy Holidays!

Giggly said...

You know, I've never seen Scrooged! I must watch this season!

Jamie said...

I've been watching Christmas movies for the last 2 weeks. My netflix queue is full of them right now and I own Muppets Christmas Carol so I've watched it twice already =P

Michelle Frae Cummings said...

great post! and thanks for my matchbox! I had you for day 6!

Angela said...

Hello! I was stopping by to see if you posted any of your matchboxes from our swap. I love "Scrooged" it's my favorite Christmas movie - Bill Murray gets me all choked up when he's getting choked up at the end about the meaning of Christmas. Love that guy! P.S. I got one of your matchboxes thank u :)