Tuesday, January 8, 2008

101 things in 1001 days

I told my friend Angie that I was doing this. She said I should blog about it, so here I am and here's the list. Maybe the first thing on my list should be to come up with 101 things. I'm still working on that~

1. Quit McDonald and Wetle
2. Get new job
3. Finish transcription training
4. Finish front yard
5. Finish chairs
6. Finish bedroom
7. Learn to 2 step
8. Go to a foreign country
9. Renew passport
10. Whiten my teeth
11. Get teeth fixed
12. Have a spa day
13. Get a massage
14. Go to 100/500 mile yard sale
15. Go to major east coast city
16. Clean basement for new room
17. Learn to ride a bike
18. Sew 2 shirts from book
19. Make my own pads
20. Try letterboxing
21. Save 1,000.00
22. Take vitamins everyday for a month
23. Take the camper out
24. Do 365 project
25. journal everyday for a month
26. knifty knit something other than a hat
27. Be happy with my body
28. Go on a cruise
29. Put at least 20 dollars every week in savings
30. Put at least 2 items up on etsy.
31. Make a msg/tote bag
32. Eat salad everyday for a week
33. Make something for Miranda
34. Eat at a fancy restaurant
35. Take a class
36. Oranize DVD's
37. Wedding present for Jean
38. Do at least 10 letterbox
39. See at least 10 different birds
40. Stay at Hotel Elliott again
40. Go to Vegas again
41. Go to Dollywood
42. Do month of August Challenges
43. Take Max to work
44. Make hankerchief quilt
45. Make a shirt
46. Make 2 new friends in town
47. Try another craft
48. Make a "melt" bowl
49. Make a list of 101 things that make me happy
50. Build a time capsule
51. Learn to loom
52. Volunteer at the zoo
53. Travel to New England or Vermont
54. Visit a new restaurant every month for 6 months
55. Have a veggie/fruit garden
56. Have the cushions dry cleaned
57. Make a will
58. Not spend any money on frivilous things for a month
59. Learn to meditate
60. Go to a tea house
61. Try to be a vegitarian for a month
62. Get health insurance
63. Learn French
64. re-learn Spanish
65. Send birthday/anniversary/I love you cards for a year.
66. Cook a meal for Mark
67. Bake from scratch
68. Go see all of my craftster friends in their town for a weekend.
69. See and hang out with Angie more.
70. Go to the movies like I did when I first met Mark
71. Go see more live bands like I did when I first met Mark
72. See every movie on the Independent Spirit award list
73. Get every midnight movie madness DVD.
74. Get every AI film that the studio released.
75. Finish the camper
76. Make the garage a studio
77. Learn to love myself more/be more accepting of my faults
78. Take horseback riding lessons cause I suck on a horse
79. Learn 3 Edith Piaf songs and understand what they mean.
80. Find a theme song for me/my life-make sure I have every recording
81. Take the dogs out more
82. Walk to places in the summer time
83. Buy more local things.
84. Buy life insurance
85. Sell FIL house
86. Invest money from house
87. Buy orginial recordings (vinyl) of some of my favorite artist.
88. Go to High Tea
89. Meet Mr. T
90. Go to different state events (fairs that make the state famous)
91. Blog for a month
92. Make a list of 50 things I like about myself