Sunday, January 4, 2015

Scrappy Dog Sunday: The Sleepy Edition

YAAAAAWWWWWN! Winter is a time for sleeping! We need to save up our energy for spring and summer squirrel chasing.

Looks like the Pedersen boys had a bit too much fun on Christmas....

Don't bother me...I'm sleeping. It is very exhausting being so cute. 

Other puppies make the best pillows. Lola sleeps where Lola wants. 

In completely unrelated news, it has been very cold here so we got Iggy a sweater. I left for work and he was not happy about his clothing options, but he was warm.
I came home 4 hours later to a nekkid Iggy. Excuse me sir, this house is not a clothing optional beach resort.

Oh well, back to sleep for a few months.