Wednesday, March 26, 2014

This is my life....

Wow! I have been MIA for a very long time. A lot has happened. Lots of ups and downs, gutters and strikes. First off, I am writing for Craft Gossip now. I'm still working with Craftster. I had a little family illness that seems to be under control now but the biggest news is this:

This is Iggy Pup! He is the newest edition to the Pedersen pups. I have four children. What the hell is wrong with me? 

He was adopted from the Underdog Railroad Rescue. His mother was a Min Pin and his father a Rat Terrier or Whippet. I love this little man more than anything. He is smaller than Lola! 

His big brother watches out for him. 

Lola babies him, she gives him baths and Juju...well, Jujube is her typical teenager. 

He is quite the graduate of Handsome Boy Modeling School. We call Pete Zoolander and Iggy is Hansel. 

He is fitting in quite well and we can't imagine our lives without him...of course we can't really imagine anything right now-he's just a pup and we are getting no sleep at all. We are unsure of his age, I'm guessing still a babe because of his bitey behavior. He is bringing Lola out of her old age. They run around together and he loves to bite Pete's could you not bite his ears?

You can see Iggy in action HERE!