Monday, May 12, 2008

Well, I made it through the rum, Sunday I spent the majority of the time on the couch, but on Saturday I went to Maryhill museum which is in the middle of nowhere. It was so amazing! We got to see a beautiful white peacock, amazing art work and enjoy great weather. 3 miles up the road is a replica of Stonehenge built by Sam Hill for WWI vets. It's so random. The reason for all the fun and excitement was me and the hubby's anniversay our 1st date (4 years ago). It was the best weekend

The white peacock. The Columbia river where the museum was at. In the middle of nowhere. The replica of Stonehenge.


Rebekah said...

The Stonehenge. I love that thing, but it is a bit random being in the middle of nowhere. It makes for a nice day trip.

Glad you made it through the rum.


torrance said...

Ooooh, white peacock! I'm suck a nerd that the first thing I thought about was harry potter when I saw that picture... :D

amy dame said...

i've already commented about the other pics, but damn, that white peacock is SOOO cool!!

Margie said...

Just found your blog, from craftster, looking at these pictures makes me home sick! I love the Columbia River Gorge!!!