Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Lola attacking the computer

Lola attacking,
originally uploaded by kittykill.
So, I was trying to make sure I uploaded the videos I took of the dogs today, Needless to say, Lola was still wanting to attack the water.


Brook said...

My dogs name is Lola too... and she loves watching T.V. and when the animals run across the screen... she runs outside to catch them... as if they just ran across the into our backyard.... that video was funny!! whoever was laughing made me laugh!

Rachel said...

hahahahaha! that is too cute!! and you sound so tickled!

Kristi said...

Hey there,

I adore your blog! And because you inspire me, I am passing an award along to you! Find about it here on my blog.

Hugs, Kristi