Monday, December 22, 2008

And it snowed, and snowed, and snowed....

So, for those of you who don't know about about the Pacific Northwest, we get rain. LOTS of rain, like almost 9 months out of the year rain. Snow, maybe 2 inches a year. It never gets that cold. Well, Mother Nature decided to show us exactly what she is made of. Conversation with my husband:
(weather channel):We are expecting 4-10 inches of snow, ice, and then snow again
Me: BS! I'll believe it when I see it. They couldn't predict a snow storm if they were in the middle of it.
Mark: Honey, it's gonna be a blizzard.
Me: Psh....

Two days later: (this is our pond)

Mark: I blame you for all this snow
Me: Well, I'll be damn.
Mark: Yeah, blaming you.

We did have a pond.....

Any chance to dress up Jujube is a good day for me. The snow is up to my knee. We got about 12 inches and there is another storm coming on Wednesday.

We also use to have a dog, now we just have a snowball with ears and crazy eyes. If you see this beast, run the other way. The cuteness will kill you on the spot.

This storm has really crippled the city. They have closed a highway down in the Columbia Gorge because of snow and ice and wind. We had gust ranging from 40-70 mph. It was just crazy!Some of the buses aren't running and a cab wait is about 8 hours. We aren't even getting mail, cause it can't come in from the east cause the highway being closed. So, lesson learn-I'll keep my mouth shut (yeah right)


Brook said...

HAHAHAH!! HOLY COW!!! The Snow is amazing!!! I can't believe its snowing so much!!! Your puppy in the out fit is AMAZING! Love it!

Tikimama said...

Isn't it crazy? Budgie has given up going more than 2 feet from the back door to pee - Chiahuahuas are not made for the snow!

Glad you guys are staying safe and warm and home. I do not blame you for the snow, I blame Santa.

TheMistressT said...

I know! It's crazy! My street looks like a pre-combustion engine street - no pavement showing through. I'm glad that I was here to see it, but damn, my crazy is getting stirred.

sewitsforyou said...

that is crazy. Hope you guys had a safe and happy holiday!! xo me