Friday, January 16, 2009

Mucho thanks and some sewing treats

First off I want to give a big shout out and thank you to the awesome peeps at Sublime Stitching. They are so thoughtful and wonderful, not to mention totally talented and just plain ol' rad! They brighten my day and are fab! You should go over and check out the site-they are having a super cool sale right now so you can stock up.

Second, I want to give a shout out to Julie from sewitsforyou. She is one of my best friends and her cards and texts and e-mails have gotten me through some rough times. Julie-you better text me or call me Monday!

Third, the people of Craftster. I have met so many wonderful friends there. Friends I know I will have for a lifetime. Craftster is such an amazing forum (and I'm not just saying that cause I'm a mod) . If you haven't yet-which I'm sure most of you have, go sign up and check it out-NOW

Fourth, the amazing people at PWCL and Root. They have been so caring and such wonderful listeners and just good friends. It sucks I don't get to see you guys as much, but you are always in my thoughts.

Last, I want to thank Mark for being my rock, my soul mate and just the man with the plan. I love you and always will, no matter what. I don't want to forget the puppers either. I swear to God, those dogs are the best thing in the entire world. I love my babies!

And of course, thank you! Thanks for reading this mindless dribble, for allowing me to be silly and for all of your kind words. You all get kisses. Said in my best Oprah voice, You GET A KISS, AND YOU GET A KISS, AND YOU GET A KISS!

Okay, enough of the sap! Here are a few projects I've been working on. I made these boxers for Mark for Christmas. The original pattern had the dog wearing a monocle. I decided to pattern it after Kato who would never wear a monocle and would always cheat at cards.

Next is a jacket I am working on for a swap with atsuko. It is going to be for her daughter. I'm almost done with it. Her daughter was very specific about what she wanted: a green unicorn with a rainbow mane. I could never disappoint a little girl who plays with Blythe so here's the back so far.

The last piece is for a charity quilt that digital misfit ask me to do a panel for. Her flowers are beads and her dress has little pearl beads on it. I re-did her hairstyle. Gee, who does she look like?

Whew! There ya go! All caught up and ready to face the next day!


beefranck said...

That unicorn is amazing, and I just love the beads on the dress. :)

Brook said...

cute!!! I love everything! I was thinking of making some boxers for Shwan for V-day...

sewitsforyou said...

aaww you're so sweet. MWAH. I left you a message yesterday. I am glad we have been able to share the happy and sad things that have gone on in our lives. The embroidery rocks as usual.

I miss you and I will be in touch.

Hybrid Hopes said...

I love that last one especially...

Digital Misfit said...

I love everything, but of course I am partial to the gypsy lady!

Big hugs and a huge thank you!