Friday, February 27, 2009

10 things I'm Diggin'

I feel like it's been forever that I have connected with people. I've been living in my own little bubble. I want to give another shout out to all the awesome peeps that have been sending good vibes and just being awesome friends.

Anyhoo, enough of the "Wind Beneath My Wings" crap (look it up if you don't get the reference-I promise you, you will laugh.)Here are some things that I'm diggin' right now.

1. My new "do". I am so loving my hair right now and the best thing about it. I don't have to do anything to it. I just wake up and the curls are there. They have to be tamed a little but otherwise, it's good to go.

2. I've said it before and I will say it again. Busby Berkeley movies. LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM! Go to Netflix and put it in your queue. You will thank me for it.

3. Craftster! I have so much going on there right now. I was just made a Global Mod and I am excited to jump in and see what adventures come up. I also have a new Needlework Challenge going on (one pattern, many stitches) Go check it out now! That's an order!

4. Figuring out which bands/musicians have the most meaning through my life. So far, I have:
a-MC5. Thank you for coming along and smashing hippie crappy music. Kick out the Jams is awesome.
b-Edith Piaf-tragic and beautiful. If I could sing half as well as you, little sparrow, I will die a happy woman.
c-The Ramones-Antique Knives! That's what I'm into!
d-Willie Nelson-wonderful songwriter, amazing humanitarian and just damn hell of a guy. How can you not love Willie?
e-The Replacements-Paul Westerberg, I don't care if you are a drunk bastard, you still know how to write one hell of a song and make being screwed up very catchy.
f-The Hives-this is pretty much the only new band that I can listen to every day, for the rest of my life and not get tired of. Yes Mark, I know, I didn't care about them when we first started dating.
Good Lord, this list could go on and on....Buck Owens, Patsy Cline, Social D, The Jam, Run DMC, Bob Wills.....

5. Mark's blog: OMP's world. You just thought you knew the OMP.

6. And speaking of blogs, check out Mr.XStitch and he's new accomplice, Beefrnk. You can win prizes! Yeah for that!

7. Don't forget to pick up your patterns at Sewitsforyou. Check out her etsy site for cute patterns.

8. The beginning of March Madness. The only time, EVER I will pay attention to sports. The ACC tournament is really the only one to watch and UNC is the only team to care about.

9. Girl Scout cookies. Thin Mints+Freezer=Heaven

10. And last but not least, Life. It's pretty rad.


Rachel said...

MC5 is so bad ass!! You got some good taste in music there, lady :)
Congrats on the Global Mod position!

Mr X Stitch said...

Thanks for the mention Pam!
I've just started following the OMP blog - looks awesome. I don't know much about Mark, but he seems like a real dude! :)
And you're right about Life. It's great. Damian Lewis is a good actor and is convincing as a Yank, considering he's a Brit...

Sorry, what?

Oh you meant life! As in Life, the Universe and Everything.
Oh yeah, that's okay too...

OMP said...

I see I didn't make the list proper - just my blog. Face it - you love me for my words instead of the whole package!!

sewitsforyou said...

thanks for the shout out sister. I miss my friend and hope you are hanging in..the hives rock the house. I have been a replacements fan for years. We should do a mix cd swap...