Friday, April 9, 2010

Feel Good Friday!

It's Friday and it's awesome! Sure it's a little rainy and cold but HELLO! It's FRIDAY! You really should feel as good as I do, really....

Today is a day of videos. The first one was brought to my attention by my friend Alexz. It has to be the cutest thing EVER!

The Indie band concert-HYSTERICAL!

I just discovered the most thoughtful inspiring woman, Jean Baggott. Her website, book and video The Girl on the Wall will make you cry but in a good way. I am totally in awe of her story and her work. She makes me happy.

I'm in love with embroidery on hankies and Lucy Pearl by Spotted Dog Farms is just too sweet. It reminds me of my old dog Millie.

I really love Alice in Wonderland-I have every since I was a kid. Cart before the Horse have wonderful Alice and Queen dolls. The best thing about their work is the Folk art feel with slight twinges of creepiness. 

Are you kidding me? Could this be any sweeter! I am dying for the cuteness!

 I  want to give a special shout out to all of my friends that have been so supportive this week. Without you, I would be nothing. Mark-you are my world-you bring a smile to my face everyday-I love you. Wow, didn't that sound like an Oscar speech?  I'm good! Have a lazy weekend everyone! I hope it's filled with cute little yetis, lots of stitching and silly animals.


Giggly said...

Thank you Pam, for your Feel Good Fridays. They always make me feel really good. :) Warm and fuzzy. XOXOX

Lisa Marie ReVoir Kramp said...

I saw the Yetis on your FB page and cried with laughter. The indie concert is hysterical, especially to an old punk rocker like me!

Becky said...

The Yetis!! I swear it was a tour of the Cat's Cradle's history of shows! I was digging all of 'em but lost it on Jump Around!

Hope you have a superb weekend your own self! Hollah!