Sunday, September 30, 2012

Scrappy Dog Sunday

Pete is so happy to be in the sun

HAPPY GOTCHA DAY! October 3rd is Pete's gotcha day! The day that we got my little Bavarian sausage.
Pete ready for his job interview

I am a firm believer that Pete was put on this earth to teach me patience...on a daily basis.

He was also brought into our lives to make us laugh...on a daily basis.

I love my little man aka chunk, aka the nubin' that needs lovin' aka Bubba....
Pete's talking bubble

I can't imagine life without my silly boy. He rescued us.

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LimeRiot said...

Pete looks so handsome in his tie and scrappy teeth :). It looks like you might need to get him a pair of sunglasses! I'm so glad that you and Pete found each other.