Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stuffy Stuff

Guess what? I'm back, Jack! Oh yeah! OMP is on the mend, back to work and we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas. YAHOO!

I recently participated in a Secret Santa/Satan swap with all of my mod sisters on Craftster. The premise was to create naughty and nice treats for your partner then we all have to guess who crafted for us. Well, I got my package last week and my secret Santa was none other than the most amazing LimeRiot! I know, right? I almost peed my pants from excitement! Look at what she made me!

You can check out her blog and get the backstory and more awesome close up pictures.

I've been busy too! While I can't post what I did for the secret swap yet (my partner hasn't received). I can show you A few Christmas goodies that I have been working on for other swaps. Yeah, being cooped up for a couple of weeks made me a little swap crazy.

Did I mention I was a little swap crazy? What are you working on? Anything good? Does it involve naughty cowboys? No? Well, it should.


TroubleT said...

Nope, no naughty cowboys here, but I can't wait until tomorrow evening so that I can play with my polyclay again. :D

Denise said...

Glad to hear your hubby is back to normal (or almost normal LOL) So many swaps so little time!

LimeRiot said...

So glad that OMP Is feeling well and life is returning to normal for the whole family. Yipppeee!! What a great thing to be thankful for this year :).

I had so much fun crafting for you. I'm glad you liked the naughty and nice goodies.

You have been working some awesome swap magic yourself, lady! I especially love that Noel embroidery.