Thursday, March 21, 2013

Crafting it Up!

Even though life has been demanding, I have been able to get a little crafting done. A girl has to get her craft on! I haven't finished my Easter mantle yet, but I have started decorating for the holiday. I have been dying to make faux chocolate Easter bunnies, so I finally broke down and painted these bad boys up!

Wanna know what else I've been working on? These awesome confetti bowls. They are MESSY but make an awesome Easter basket or bowl for your coffee table.

Let's see...oh yeah! I also made this jar for my memories of 2013. Every time something good happens in 2013, we write it down and put it in the jar. On New Year's Eve, at dinner, we will take all of the good memories out and read them.

Of course I couldn't forget about stitching something up, so here ya go!

Whew! No wonder I haven't been around in a month! Mama needs a cocktail and a massage!


LimeRiot said...

I love your faux chocolate bunnies! They look good enough to bite into but I imagine that could break a tooth :).

Looking forward to seeing your easter mantle!

Lisa said...

Hellooooooooo Pam! So glad to you here again, I miss your cheery voice! I love those Easter bunnies, so many possibilities with all the bunny chotskys you see around thrift shops and garage sales that have potential, but aren't really your style. You did such a great job getting in close around the flowers, adorable! I'm loving that memory jar, what a great idea! It's easy to forget all the good things that happen, and this is a fun way to relive them.
Hope you're havin a groovy day, dear!

Unknown said...

Pam, I am so excited you are going to join our swap! No, I don't think I received a package from you. I get a lot of packages though, and I might not have recognized the name. Can you tell me what was in it. Darn, I can't believe if I missed it. Let me know!

Unknown said...

Pam, Your latest craft video is fantastic. I love you for doing these!
I am so excited you will be joining in the swap, and I have pared you with Shara, Monkey Box. She is a fun gal with lots of vintage things to share. You will love her blog header and story behind her blog name. I hope you have fun!
Wishing you a happy Easter. And again, love those bowls! E

Shara said...

Hello - This is Shara - from Elizabeth's Vintage Swap. I'm looking over your blog and hope you will visit mine too. I'll start hunting and gathering lots of suh-weet vintage things for you. I'm a big of a vintage hoarder. Hey! That's a good thing! You can email me with what you like: