Sunday, June 9, 2013

Scrappy Dog Sunday

Having an older dog is a mix of emotions. You are happy because the dog is trained (well, mostly in our case), well behaved and laid back. You are sad because you know that the time you have with them is limited. I guess you know that about all pets and people but it seems to resonate more when you can see the change come over your best friend in such a short amount of time.

Lola seemed to be doing a lot better for the past week and then over the weekend slowed down again. Little things seem to take a lot out of her. Just giving her a bath will put her down for the rest of the day. We also noticed that her eye pressure is back up, hopefully not as bad as before but it is slowing her down.

On the upside, a friend sent us a doggy stroller so we can take her out on longer walks with Jujube and Pete and she likes to sit in it next to me while I lay out in the sun. Jujube loves it so she can get away from her stinky brother.

We take her back to the vet tomorrow for a checkup. I know it will take so much out of her and she will be down for a day or two but we will get more information about her eye.

Another great thing is that the urinary tract infection looks as if it has cleared up and we are having no more night accidents.

Don't get me wrong, Lola is still a spitfire. She is still barking at the crows, runs around with her brother and gives Jujube baths. She is eating, although extremely picky. She loves trying to play with Pete at 6 in the morning and runs around the house. The recovery time is a lot longer but I don't think she is willing to give up yet and we aren't either. We adjust our lives to fit her needs right now and really, the adjustments are that extreme at all. We might wake up a little earlier, have to make her food for her and be a little be more gentle but it is worth it.

Her quality of life is still good and she plans on harassing us every chance she gets cause that's what Lolas do.

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Lisa said...

Yes indeedy, that *is* what Lola's do! I'm really glad there are some improvements to report, a sick Lola is a sad Lola. I still picture her peppy as get-out, as evidenced by the need for oven mits with eye meds. Oh, Lola... you sweet, cranky thing.