Thursday, July 11, 2013

Down By the Sea

I have been going swap crazy on Craftster. I am currently in a Hit the Beach swap. We had to make our partner something that was beach themed. Of course I decided to make a wreath. I was inspired by My Very Educated Mother .

I started with a dollar store swimming pool noodle. I taped it up to make a wreath form.

For the ocean (or the sky) I used chunky blue yarn and for the sand I used burlap. I added some shells and there ya have it, a beach wreath.

For my small item. I decided to do a sea glass vase/jar and fill it with gummy sharks. The paint came out a little darker than I wanted and I really wish the directions told you for a completely smooth finish you really need more coats or that it take 4 days for it to dry and then bake. I'm still pretty happy with it and may play with other shades.

Now on to the next swap....Sideshows, Halloween and Make a Friend. Yahoo for crafty goodness!


Lisa said...

Swap crazy is right, you've been busy, woman! I love your summer wreath, the colors and the little accents you added are purr-fect!

MareMare said...

I love it! Thanks for sharing how you did it, I haven't made wreaths before because the foam core is so spendy!

Unknown said...

Very pretty. I miss swapping!