Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I Like Stuff: An Honest Review of Jamberry Nails

I may have a little bit of an obsession with beauty products. I love bubble bath, fingernail polish, eyeshadows...anything that makes me feel sassy and dolled up. I can't help it, I like trying new things. Lucky for you, I can try them out and give you my honest opinion. Today's honest review is for Jamberry Nails. 

If you haven't heard of Jamberry Nails then let me explain them to you. Jamberry nails are basically wraps (stickers)for your nails. They come in a sheet and you get 2 manicures and 2 pedicures for 15.00 a sheet. In order to put them on you heat the wrap up and then place it on your nail. Each wrap will do two nails. After you place the sticker on, you smooth it out and then, with a nail file, file off the excess. They last anywhere from one to two weeks. 

Now that you know what they are, here's the skinny on them from yours truly. 

The Good:

  • The nails come in a variety of styles from conservative to funky. I really love all of the designs and options they have.
  • No mess. There is no risk of spilling your polish. 
  • They last for a decent amount of time. I hand wash dishes every day, garden without gloves and the nails held up. They lasted until I took them off. 
  • The rewards from a party: For the party I had I was able to get 1 free sheet, 3 months free shipping, 60.00 in credit and 5 1/2 off items. 
  • You can create customized wraps. 
  • There are a ton of websites and videos to help you troubleshoot applying the wraps. 

The Bad:

  • This isn't really a bad but it did take a few attempts to get my wraps on just right. This could be a problem for certain designs. 
  • You must heat the wraps up before applying. The first two times I did it with a hair dryer and it got a little hot. I bought the heater on their site and I strongly recommend it for anyone thinking of using Jamberry Nails. The heater made it so much easier to apply the wraps to my nails. 
  • They are only available online or through a party. If you want instant gratification, this isn't it. They do ship fast, but again, be prepared for a wait, so plan ahead if you want to use them for a special event. 
  • 15.00 for one sheet can get expensive
  • Some of the designs are smaller on the nail then pictured on the website. 

The Bottom Line:

Do I think Jamberry Nails are worth it? Yes, I do. They are fun and quirky and the good outweighs the bad. I love that they are not messy and the rewards make it worth having a party. I had my party online so it was pretty easy. I have had many compliments on them and I do like that they last a decent amount of time and in good shape with all of my abuse to my nails. For the price, I might save them for a more special occasion. They are definitely fun. When I look at my nails and toes, I smile. 

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