Thursday, September 11, 2014

Tute Thursday: No Sew T-Shirt Yarn and Rug

I have been wanting to make a braided rug for a very long time. It seemed so complicated and time consuming. In truth, there was a lot of trial and error and a lot of cuss words spewed when I first tried this. I was trying to make this way harder than it needed to be. 

Teaming up with Craftster this month, I made this No Sew Braided Rug out of t-shirt yarn. The first part of the video shows you how to make the yarn, which is super duper easy. The second part shows how to make the rug. Let me start by saying that I had planned on sewing this rug but ran into so many snags. If you do want to sew this rug instead my suggestions are: Make sure you have a needle specifically for knit material and that the needle is new and make sure your braids lie down otherwise you will end up with a very nice bowl. Also, the braiding will take some time, so I suggest binge watching your favorite show while you sit and braid for a bit. 

Check out the video below to see how I made this awesome rug. 

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Lisa said...

Ok, I FINALLY got a chance to watch this video (Congratulations on being picked up by CraftGawker!!) and holy heck this is cute! I had wondered about the shape of the rugs and if you could make an oval one and you answered that question perfectly. I am stoked to try this because I need a small rug for the kitchen and I don't want to spend $60 buying one. I'm going to try to make a 4x6 oval! Will definitely share when I get that done. Oxo!