Saturday, July 26, 2008

UGH! Wait, let me rethink that.

I can't believe I missed last night but I had a good excuse. Mark made a romantic dinner and I just couldn't bring myself to the computer. I'm sure you understand. It's Saturday, 10:00 and I'm working. Good times. Luckily it's been really slow. Okay, first I wrote that I was down but then I turned on my MP3 player and started dancing around the office to "I'm not gonna teach your boyfriend how to dance" and I feel much better (luckily I am by myself to spare the dancing embarrassment) Plus I just realized how silly it is for me to be down when there is a lot of worse things in the world than my pity party. So, I'm gonna blast my music and dance.

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Katie Kutthroat said...

:) isn't it nice to have a guy who will cook you dinner and do special stuff like that! my boy does the same kind of stuff and i just melt when i see it.. then i taste it and my tastebuds melt.. my man can cook! but great reason to stay away from the computer!