Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Things I'm diggin' right now

Here are a few things I am totally into right now.


King Khan and The Shrines-Fast moving, with some Bollywood thrown in for good measure. Awesome garage band music. It's as if MC5 and The Hives had a baby and went and got some Indian food on the way.

The Detroit Cobras-1960's girl group meets garage, meets, Marianne Faithful.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings -FUCKING amazing! If you have not heard them, seriously, go find them now. Think 1960's soul. The Dap Kings moonlighted as Amy Winehouse's back up band. So you might be familiar with them.

Santogold-Awesome beats, sassy, total kick ass hotness.

Conor Oberst-touted as the new Bob Dylan. Just good driving music.

The Beat Farmers-yes these guys are old, and actually a few of them are dead but man, if you like Alt-country, you will love these guys.

Estelle-The song American Boy with Kanye West. Catchy, dancing fun music.

I have seriously been lacking in the new movie department but if you do nothing else in your life. Watch The Big Lebowski-not once but several times. It is the only way you will get it. Best movie known to man. I can watch it any time, any day, multiple times a day. If you don't get it, something is wrong with you.

Getting Ready for Halloween:
Yes, I know it's a little ways off but what a great holiday and so much fun. Scary music, movies, parties. My favorite holiday. Candy, dressing up-what more can you ask for.

My husband: He rocks and if you know, you know why.

Having my hair back to the 1920's bob.

It's a crazy ride, but the dude abides.


Katie Kutthroat said...

hehe awesomeness! so yea Conor Oberst, about six years ago I saw Bright Eyes with a ten piece orchestra set and inbetween every song the musicians would switch instruments.. one of the coolest shows I have ever been to in my life! not to mention it was beautifully touching! and the big lebowski is one of my favorite movies ever.. we actually had a big lebowski party the other night, i totally would have invited you if you weren't across the usa!

Brook said...

Yay I checked some of those bands out! I always like to know what other people are listening to.

sewitsforyou said...

oh I love estelle and connor was the lead singer of bright eyes I think...I need to check out the other bands. We have been listening to Duffy and Texas lately...I need some pics of the hair. I love halloween too. I knew we were kindered spirits..
We are looking foward to going to see "Burn After Reading" Good luck tomorrow..

Unknown said...

Yeah for Conor and The Big Lebowski! I wish you guys were closer! We would be an awesome girl gang.

Lily said...

If you like Santogold you should check out MIA! She's awesome! They sound a lot alike. A friend of mine told me Santogold might have produced some of MIA's stuff.

Unknown said...

I love MIA!