Monday, June 15, 2009

It's Movie Monday!

I'm not sure if a lot of you know this but I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE old "B" movies and if you have ever been to my house you would know that my husband and I am a collectors of these bad movies. They are in our living room, our dining room, upstairs, and in my husband's office. They are everywhere! I really feel that one of my goals, no missions in life is to spread my love of "B" movies to all of you. I thought I would start with the one of the kings (okay, maybe jesters) of bad "B" movies, Ed Wood.

To me, Ed Wood represents the ultimate Indie film director. He knew how to make a movie on a budget and give the audience what they wanted; suspense, intrigue and a cute girl in a fuzzy sweater (granted that cute girl in a fuzzy sweater was Ed Wood, but that's a whole other chapter)

One of his earliest movies and is still relevant in today's times is Glen or Glenda. In this movie, Ed plays Glen-a transvestite that is coming to grips with his "feminine"side (hence the fuzzy sweater). This movie is SO awful that is it wonderful. We have Bela Lugosi playing the narrator and cut scenes of the devil and wonderful tight cute clothes. What more could you ask for? Incidentally he was hired to make a film about Christine Jorgensen's sex change and made this piece of cinematic history.

Ed's most well known movie is Plan 9 From Outer Space. I. Love. This. Movie. The dialogue makes this film great. How could you not love lines like:

" Now, don't you worry. The saucers are up there. The graveyard is out there. But I'll be locked up safely in there " ( Wait, where are the saucers again and you are where?)

Or this brilliant line:

"But one thing's sure. Inspector Clay is dead, murdered, and somebody's responsible." (Someone is responsible for a murder? Well, it was totally believable up till now)

Once again the films stars Bela Lugosi, but unfortunately he passed away before the film was completed and Ed had his wife's chiropractor play Bela's part. I was going to insert a totally tasteless joke here but was told it was too mean, so I'll leave it up to you (or my husband).

Apparently I'm not alone in my love of Ed Wood, Tim Burton is a fan also. Burton's amazing film Ed Wood, is not to be missed. Martin Landau won an Academy Award for playing Bela Lugosi. The movie was based on the book Nightmare and Ecstasy, The Unauthorized Biography of Ed Wood. I'm told it's a great book. Johnny Depp plays Ed Wood and portrays him in a way that I think he would want to be remembered as a man with a heart of gold and an imagination of a 12 year old.

So, check out Glen or Glenda and Plan 9 From Outer Space. You will not be disappointed in the camp factor. For a more "artistic" look at Ed and his eccentric life, don't miss Tim Burton's Ed Wood.

The world's worst film maker? I think not!


ThePeachMartini said...

Love, Love, LOVE these movies!! I am a particular fan of Maila Nurmi in Plan 9; I tried my hand at a last minute Halloween costume based on her character and while I lack the nipped waist and long, delicate arms, what I put together worked in a pinch - those familiar with her character were able to recognize, while the younger kids thought I was Elvira (love her too, but not as much!)

I digress...

I am glad to know some one else has a fascination with these old, terribly ridiculous movies that are like a horrific car accident - you know you should look away, but you just can't bring yourself to!

Unknown said...

I LOVE Plan 9!! The graveyard scenes are my favorite. And Ed Wood is really great--Johnny Depp is so wonderful.

giddy girlie said...

During the summer, Hollywood Forever Cemetery (in Hollywood, natch) plays these old movies in the cemetery. You bring your own chair or blanket and cooler full of snacks - it's so much fun. So far, the movies this summer are late 50's classics (rather than B movie camp), like Funny Face and The Apartment, but it's still fun. I mean, c'mon! It's a movie in a cemetery!! :)