Thursday, June 4, 2009

Maker Faire-The Recap

I honestly don't know how to put into words all the amazing, awesome, creative stuff I saw over the weekend (I guess I just did put it into words-HA!) So, I thought I would break it down day to day.

Day one...set up.
I got to San Mateo in the afternoon and met up with Casey and Lori (jungrrl and batgirl from Craftster). They pretty much had everything set up by the time I got there so 1) I had incredible timing and 2) all that was left was to peek at other exhibits. One of the first people I met was Rachel aka Average Jane Crafter and can I tell you how SWEET and cute she is! It was instant friendship and she better come to Portland and visit! If you ever get a chance to meet her, it will be like seeing an old friend again. She is wonderful! Wait a sec,,,,who did I see setting up right beside us? CRAFTY CHICA! Oh yeah! She is the sweetest person too! (there must be something in the water in Texas!) She indulged me with a picture and continued to spread the glitter around. After I totally geeked out and was a fangirl with Average Jane and Crafty Chica we were on our way to scope out the exhibits. Robots, Steampunks, human mousetraps and fire were among our adventures. Everywhere we turned there was another thing for me to yell, "You've got to be kidding me!, NO WAY"

1. Casey and R2D2, 2. Casey and R21D2, 3. Me. Crafty Chica, Average Jane Crafter, 4. Wing sculpture, 5. Wing sculpture, 6. Wing sculpture, 7. Wing scuplture, 8. moldy men, 9. Toxic Skull, 10. Freaky piano, 11. freaky piano thingy, 12. back of bike, 13. Front of bike, 14. Steam punk ladies with bike, 15. Inside of snail, 16. Giraffe, 17. Snail mobile, 18. steam motorcycle, 19. Whirly people, 20. snail mobile from a far, 21. Casey and the Crawdad, 22. Steam punk motorcycle, 23. Human powered wheel, 24. Snail mobile, 25. Steam punk car, 26. Lego Village, 27. Puppy Monorail, 28. Puppy monorail, 29. pinball machine, 30. Lego cake, 31. Lego hotel, 32. Lego flowers, 33. Music maker, 34. Plastic bottle sculpture, 35. Some sort of flaming spinny thing, 36. flamey spinny thing

Day Two....
So many people! So many buttons! So many Perler beads! At 10am we could see the floor, see our surroundings. At 11 all we could see was a wave of people. We had people waiting up to an hour to do our crafts at the Craftster table. It was CRAZY! A few Craftster peeps came by and I wanted to get pictures taken with all of you and chat but I think my body was glued to the seat with E-6000. If I looked a little crazed-I'm really sorry-I was really happy to meet everyone and say hello and wish I had more time to chat. You guys are what keeps us going and I'm so lucky when I get to meet you "in person". We were so beat by the end of the day that all we could eat was soup because none of us wanted to chew-LOL!

1. Weird steam punk robot thing, 2. Steam punk bird, 3. resistor earring, 4. 8 bit take away, 5. 8 bit take away, 6. cell phone charm, 7. cell phone charm, 8. cupcake mobile, 9. cupcake mobile, 10. cupcake, 11. Moving house, 12. human mouse trap, 13. moving house, 14. human mouse trap, 15. beginning of day, 16. Beginning of Maker Faire, 17. Beginning of Maker Faire, 18. Casey and Lori helping people, 19. Maker Faire day 1, 20. set up

Day three...
The final day! BOO! It wasn't as busy as it was Saturday but we still had a lot of people at our booth. All of us took little breaks to venture out to see the hand of man slam 55 gallon drums and give us the thumbs us, cupcake cars driving around, we even got to do a few crafts at other tables and in a blink of an eye-it was all over. All of our beads were gone, the glue had dried and the cupcake cars had driven off into the sunset. There we were, in the parking lot, with big wiener dogs, a girl with pink hair and stripe tents. Man, I can't wait till next year.

1. 100_2147, 2. 100_2144, 3. Cool destroy robot, 4. adult playground, 5. Hand of Man, 6. Robot drum, 7. Fire Flower, 8. Dragon bike, 9. Dragon Bike, 10. Robby the Robot, 11. Me and Ritapizza, 12. Side of Art car, 13. Back of yard car, 14. Art car, 15. Art Car, 16. Maker Faire outfit, 17. Maker Faire outfit, 18. Little girl on art car, 19. Completed projects, 20. Average Jane Crafter


Average Jane Crafter said...

hehehehehe! What fun! And you are leaving off the part about how I went all fangirl on you and your tattoo and all but straight up fondled your upper arm.

seriously, the most amazing tattoo I've ever seen. The details are stunning. I covet it! ;)

It was such a treat to finally get to meet you after admiring your work for so long. And I meant it when I said the Craftster booth was rocking the crafts bigtime. Y'all were so smooth and easy-going and well-organized. It was awesome to see so many people craftin' up a storm with y'all and taking away such cool creations. I'm so glad that we were so close!

I hope to see you at Maker Faire next year ... and the next time I go to Portland! :)


sewitsforyou said...

well it sounds like you had an awesome time. Maybe I will be able to make it out there next year and leave the boys at home!

Brook said...

Looks so wonderful!!! I hope to go one year!