Monday, January 4, 2010

Break Those Winter Blues

The holidays are over, the decorations have been put away for another year. Now what? Time to settle into those winter blues-NEVER! I say! NEVER! Time to pull out that coconut bra, mix up a Pina Colada and watch these tropical movies.

The first on your tropical adventure is Blue Hawaii. This is one of my favorite Elvis movies. Yeah, I know most of Elvis' movies are a boy, a girl and some hip swaying singing but this one is so pretty! Elvis stars as Chad Gates, a soldier just released from the army. His father wants him to join the family business but Chad has plans that involve girls, singing and helicopters. Hello! Who doesn't have those kinds of plans? Not only is this a great movie but a mighty tasty drink...hmmm, that gives me an idea.

Let's do a little island hopping and head on over to the South Pacific. This Roger and Hamerstein musical deals with war, racism and love during WWII. Love blooms between a military nurse and a French planter. While some of the movie is light hearted it does deal with racism and the boxes 1958 can place people in. The music is amazing and the set design makes you feel like you are on the island in a grass skirt and a sailor (or maybe a sailor in a grass skirt).

Our last stop on our sunny vacation is One Night in the Tropics with your tour guides Abbott and Costello. This was their debut into film. For those of you who have never seen the famous "Who's on First" skit, here is your chance. A couple of smooth talkers hire Abbott and Costello to make sure their weddings go off without a hitch. Hilarity ensues and your gut will be busting from all the laughter. I swear you will go around the house yelling, "HEY ABBOTT!", wait, that might be just me.

So there you go all my snow bound buddies. A couple of movies to help your forget that it's -20 degrees outside. Get that bathing suit out, slap on some suntan lotion and melt your troubles away. Remember to turn and be careful not to burn!


* said...

good old movies! fun stuff.

all the xmas stuff is away here as well, and you know, i'm not bummed that it is cold and yucky out.

i still take the dog out for her walks and enjoy the brisk, cold weather and cozy feeling it gives me.

Kate said...

Thanks for the suggestions - I haven't seen any of those films (for shame!).

Becky said...

I love Elvis movies! Just mindless fun ya know? Same for Abbott and Costello movies.

South Pacific and most any Rogers and Hammerstein can lift my spirits.
Great Choices!! Thanks.