Monday, January 11, 2010

It's Good to be the King

Oh Elvis! How I love thee! Your birthday was the 8th but your hip shaking, pop songs and southern draw live on in my heart forever. To honor the king, I give you a few of my favorite Elvis movies.

The BEST Elvis movie, hands down has to be Viva Las Vegas. Why is this movie so great? Two words-ANN MARGRET! Oh yeah! Ann and Elvis together-you can not go wrong with this movie. Elvis plays a race car driver wanting to make a name for himself and Ann plays a cute lifeguard who isn't looking for love but once Elvis comes into the picture and a little hip shaking songs come into play, she can't resist. Yes, I know this is a typical Elvis movie but yeah, if it ain't broke, don't fix it.

Oh Elvis! At least in Girls, Girls, Girls-you admit what you like and beg anyone to judge you for it. This time Elvis plays a fisherman wanting his own boat. And as Elvis can-he gets caught between two lovely ladies-Stella Steven (ME-OW!) and Laurel Goodwin. Who will he end up with-the saucy Stella or the sweet Laurel?

Love Me Tender was Elvis' first movie and really showed the world that not only could he sing but he could act (quit snickering!) The plot in this movie is a little bit more complex than his later movies. Elvis plays Clint Reno-one of the Reno brothers who decides not to go off to the Civil War. Instead he stays behind and marries his brother's sweetheart. The movie involves the family dynamics of jealousy, bad decisions and betrayal. It is not your typical Elvis movie but is one that should definitely be watched. Be warned-it's a tear jerker!

There are so many more Elvis movies that I could include: Kid Galad, Fun in Acapulco, Jail House Rock, GI Blues. The list goes on and on-not to mention all the concert footage.All pretty much have the same story line but the singing and dancing are always a blast.

So, fry up some peanut butter and banana sandwiches, put on your sparkly jumpsuit and shake those hips on down to the video store for some hunka hunka burning love! All hail the king!


Alexz said...

Elvis reaches everybody! I am only 23 years old and I drool over his every time I see him. Excellent blogging choice today!

* said...

I'm wearing my sparkly jumpsuit as I type this!

Viva Las Vegas baby!!

sewitsforyou said...

I love pb and banana sandwiches but never tried the fried one..Elvis is cool..

MafiosaGrrl said...

mmmmmm, Elvis!

I received an award which entailed picking other blogs that make me smile. You might be interested to see who I picked :)

Happy Stitching!

Michael DeAntonio said...

I read an article a few years back that claimed the only Elvis movie worth watching was Love Me Tender. Your thoughts?

Unknown said...

Hmmm, interesting. I think for acting quality-that would be correct but if you love kitsch value and music then really any of his other movies are great. Love Me Tender definitely showed that Elvis was more than just a singer. It's kind of a shame that he didn't do more with that kind of roles. I am such a fan of kitsch though, so his singing movies are fine with me too.