Monday, February 1, 2010

It's Gonna Be a Slobberknocker!

I love wrestling, more importantly I love vintage wrestling and Lucha Libre. Nothing gets out my aggression more than yelling at the TV while my favorite wrestler puts their best high flying move on the bad guy. As much as I love wrestling on TV, wrestlers in movie are even better. Now I'm not talking about today's wrestling heroes-I'm talking those lovely ladies of yesteryear. Those beautiful bombshells who ruled the square circle!

Racket Girls also known as Blonde Pickup and  Pin Down Girl is at the top of my female wrestler list. This 1951 campy favorite stars real life wrestlers Peaches Page, Clara Mortensen (world champion wrestler), and Rita Martinez (champion of Mexico). A wrestling manager also dabbles a little bit in drugs, prostitution and bookmaking. He double-crosses a mob boss and is on the run from the mafia and from the police. Great wrestling footage makes for excellent filler in the high flying, low class film.

Next up is brought to us by our neighbors to the south. Las luchadoras contra la momia (Wrestling Women vs. the Aztec Mummy) is one in a series of three with the lovely luchadoras of Mexican wrestling.These lady wrestlers fight a scary mummy who can turn into a bat or a snake, an evil prince and a group of Asian female wrestlers and they do it with perfect hair and curves that cause a 16 car pile up.

Round three is a little bit more modern than the other two but can still be considered a classic. All the Marbles stars Peter Faulk as a manager of the California dolls, a tag team touring across the United States. The movie centers around the adventures of the incredibly attractive wrestlers and their sleazy, yet lovable manager.

So, ARE YOU READY TO RUMBLE? LET ME SEE YOUR WRESTLING FACE! ARGH! Now head on down to the ring and get your figure four leg lock around these body slamming pile driver movie hits! You will not be disappointed!


Becky said...

Oh my!! Too funny! We'll have to look for these.

I like those campy 60's Mexican movies about vampires! So bad that they are good!

* said...

Good stuff !!
Does anyone remember G.L.O.W.? From the early 80's, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling?

Ha that was pure cheesy fun.

Unknown said...

I totally remember G.L.O.W! We are showing our age. LOL! Loved it!