Friday, February 26, 2010

Feel Good Friday!

Just when I start feeling sorry for myself, my inner "mom" tells me to SNAP OUT OF IT and I throw on some show tunes, pull myself up and belt out my best Ethel Merman impression. That's what today's Feel Good Friday is all about-channeling your own Ethel Merman, Barabara Streisand or Judy Garland . Sometimes ya just got to sing!

 Meet Me at Mikes definitely puts me in a good mood. They have crafts, food and music. I was hooked the instant I saw the Ska and Soul Train videos. They know how to wrap me around their little finger!

It's a monkey. In a fez. I don't think I have to say anymore.  Moesewco's stitching is amazing and again, it's a monkey in a fez-I'm dying over here.

I love this pin. They are hand painted and flocked (which I am obsessed with right now). Check out Kitschy Galore on etsy. 

I'll admit it, I love the show Glee-sure it's total After School Special and sometimes they aim for the mark and miss terribly. I say more singing and less story but who am I to judge. Anyhoo, the songs are inspiring and totally make my day when I'm down and self doubting. I strongly advise you to pick up both soundtracks and release your inner drama dork.

Alright all you divas just dying to get out! Don't let anyone steal your spotlight. Don't let them tell you that your voice is too pitchy-get out there and sing your song. Enjoy life and be who you are-whatever that person is, be the best at it (unless you're a jerk, then you might want to invest in being someone less offensive). Live and love life to the fullest-you are worth it.


schinders said...

just so's you knows, there's a merman disco album out there. it's so bad it's terrific.

Unknown said...

Are you kidding me? I must have it!

Becky said...

Oh my! I bet that album is a hoot!

The deer pin is darlin' But how do you wear it and not break it/stab someone/stab yourself?

I've watched Glee a few times and think it's hilarious. It's so very C Building at Chapel Hill HS! The life my kids led there!

Thankfully, I am pretty dern good at being me ;-) 50 years of practice helps.

* said...

I love has gay cheerleaders, Jane Lynch...just perfect this queer girl.

Ethel Mermen, did she play Mama in Gypsy? I think she did somewhere at some point.

Happy weekend.