Friday, July 16, 2010

Feel Good Friday!

Oh my goodness! I am late today with some Friday feel goods.  I'm sorry everyone-I've been busy enjoying the weather. Now that the sun is setting and the dogs are chasing bugs I can tell you a few good things I've enjoyed today.

I keep changing the theme in my bedroom. Right now I want it to be vintage cowboy/cowgirl. This little girl would be so cute for pillows on my bed. Emmajb8 did a great job!

I started thinking more about my cowboy theme and remembered that Sew Lovely Embroidery has cute little cowgirl patterns! I think, wait, I know I need them! If cowboys aren't your thing, they have other designs that will put a big smile on your face.

I love the ladies over at Kind Over Matter. They can take me from grumpy to happy in less than 2 seconds. They recently told me about a great site, Pugly Pixel. Her thoughts of life around her are just as sweet as the pictures she takes. Plus, he has two dogs that are the silliest little beast. Oh yeah, she has great freebies on her blog. She rocks the party!

It's Pete as a puppy! Well, not really but it's what I imagine him to have looked like and that makes me very happy.

There ya go, a few things to get your weekend started. I am going to head back to my tropical oasis and enjoy the last of the sunset, maybe lay down and look at the stars while the pups run all over me. Yep, life is pretty close to perfect for this old girl. Pretty close.


Nicole Follow the White Bunny said...

oooh I love Morrissey! 'Don't leave it all unsaid, somewhere in the wasteland of your head.; Wonderful! :D

giddy99 said...

IF you DO go with Vintage Cowgirl, I have some Alexander Henry retro/vintage cowgirl pinup fabric to trade, maybe... it would make a great backing for those embroidered pillows! :)

Becky said...

I love the Sew Lovely cowgirl patterns. Those gals rock. Take some pics once your cowgirl theme starts to emerge.

Becky said...

So you if you go with the CowGirl theme there will be eye candy for OMP (Besides you, of course!) You need to find the hunky cowboy fabric I saw recently. If I remember where it was I'll let you know. They had cowboys, firefighters, etc. Pert near nekkid and built.