Thursday, July 22, 2010

Little Bonnet Girl

I know I've said it before-I'm not super crazy about patterns with little bonnet girls. They bring back a time in my life when my mom decorated  her kitchen with  geese, the color blue and these little girls. I do however, love the font and the little puppies in the pattern and couldn't resist sharing them with you. If little bonnet girls aren't your thing, you can always zombie-fy, punk them up or just cut them out completely. Hmmm....a zombie punk bonnet girl...I like it!


Trees said...

Punk zombie bonnet girl? Wow that would rock my world!

TroubleT said...

My mom's kitchen was just as yours! Williamsburg blue, geese and Sun Bonnet Sue...:)

Holly said...

A link to a swap 10 years ago run by some friends of mine: will make you look at Sunbonnet Sue in a new light. :-)

Katemonster23 said...

Ask and ye shall receive! :D I believe this is what you were looking for:

Is that what you had in mind? They have a lot of others, they crack me up!