Thursday, December 9, 2010

For the Love of Swapping

I recently participated in a wonderful matchbox advent calendar swap over at A Swap for All Seasons. I have been receiving so many wonderful matchboxes. Here is my advent tree and a few boxes.

Thank everyone who made me such wonderful matchboxes. Each day I wake up to see what surprises the tree holds.


Linda said...

What a pretty pink tree! Looks like you got some great matchboxes! We'd love to see more!! Thanks for sharing these!

papertrails leaver said...

your tree is just too cool! love the pink! I wanted to let you know I received your # 10 matchbox in the swap and adore it! The ornaments inside are so cute! happy holidays! :)Amy

* said...

How very cute! Love the pink tree.

Patty in Oz said...

Hi Pam!

Thank you for the pink tree and seeing all your matchboxes!

Today, Dec. 18th matchbox is from you. It's awesome. Visit...

Wishing you a wonderful Christmas my friend. Hope Santa's stop at your place is very good!

Hugs from a friend in KS.