Sunday, December 5, 2010

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

Our Scrappy Dog Christmas card to you

Remember, Santa is watching.......

Pete, the  other reindeer.

I think she is trying to catch the snowflakes on her tongue.

Happy holidays to you and your family! May the season be bright and joyous. 

Jujube, Pete,and Lola

PS-no dog was harmed in the taking of these pictures, however-dad may have lost a finger or two.


Linda said...

Your holiday posts are delightful! I'd love to see some of your countdown to christmas matchboxes too!

Becky said...

Too freaking cute!!! Petey has a set of those reindeer antlers too!

I saw Santa hats and beards for CATS today at Targhet! Stanley and Kitteh Kitteh would bite my whole arm off if I tried that!