Monday, January 10, 2011

Baby, It's Cold Outside

Oh my poor friends in the South. They are getting pelted with a horrible snowstorm. All I'm getting in in my neck of the woods is rain. rain, rain, rain...where's my snow? Well, even though I'm getting drizzles, I can watch these wonderful movies about snow.

I'm not sure how my friends up North handle the cold weather. I like to think of them all talking like Francis McDormand in Fargo and enjoying the the fricassee while warming themselves by the fire. Kidnapping, murder via wood chipper and one pregnant cop makes this winter wonderland a bit surreal but the dark humor keeps us coming back for more.

You can not talk about snow on celluloid without bringing up The Shining. A little known fact, the outside of the lodge used in the movie is Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood right here in  Oregon. Yep, our claim to fame is a crazy killer and some scary twins. Jack Nicholson gives a command performance as deranged writer Jack Torrence. The snow maze scene is prolific with the threat of death against the pure white snow. Make sure you don't watch this one alone.

Last but not least is one of my favorite "B" horror movies, The Thing From Another World. This 1951 Sci-Fi thriller has the Air Force fighting off strange beings in a remote Arctic region of the world. Things start getting crazy when they take the alien predator back to their base and thaw him out. Here's a little hint-if you find something strange, buried in the snow-LEAVE IT ALONE!  Just swat it to the ground and yell, "I don't think so!"

Brrrr! I'm getting cold just thinking about these movies. I'm gonna crank up the furnace, huddle the pups close to me and sip a nice warm beverage. Stay warm my southern friends! You will miss these days when it's 110 in the shade and you're dripping with sweat.


Danièle said...

Brilliant recommendations :-)

negrefluix said...

did you cross-stitch the fargo poster? it looks really really good! i love that movie!

Bex said...

Get a couple drinks in me and my Fargo accent comes out! I was living there when the movie was released and was soooo offended at the time lol. Good times. I love these movies!

Becky said...

Am I the only person not complaining about the cold!? I love it. All the better to cuddle ya know?

Super movies choices!

Unknown said...

I didn't stitch it. It was the movie poster. I LOVE it! Maybe we need a pattern.

AlwaysInspired said...

I live in the arctic tundra that is North Dakota and I PROMISE I don't sound anything like the people in the movie Fargo! I live on the opposite side of the state and I must say the people in Minnesota sound a bit more like that to me.