Monday, January 24, 2011

It's a Rockin' Twistin' Good Time

Hey all you hip kids! Time to jump up out of that chair and get to rocking!

I can't not believe that I have not talked about this movie before. I LOVE Rock Around the Clock. A down and out music promoter runs into a pair of dancers and the amazing Bill Haley and the Comets in a small town while on his way to find the next big thing. Enter a shrewd business woman who wants to have it all (how dare her) including the music promoter, the music and the little dancing vixen out of the way. The music is rockin' and the lingo is even better.

Don't Knock the Rock came out at the same time and again includes a small town, a pair of dancing siblings and a promoter trying to let the world know that rock n' roll is here to stay. Once again we see Bill Haley but as an extra bonus we get Little Richard. OOOOOOHHHHH! Don't tell me you didn't just yell that when I said Little Richard.

A few years down the line and guess what? Rock n' roll is out and the Twist is in! Go Chubby, get your twist on. Both Twist Around the Clock and Don't Knock the Twist are exact replicas of their predecessors with one change-everyone is doing the Twist. When I mean that is the only thing that is different, I truly mean it. The dialogue is the exact same, just substitute Twist for Rock n' Roll. I'm not kidding. A few personnel changes and the use of an eraser and you have a new movie.Even though the movies are the exact same, I still watch them when they come on. I just love a good hip shakin'.

So whether you are a rock n' roll greaser or a twisting fool, these movies are the ones for you. They whisk you away to a forgotten time of hot cars, sassy women, and musical dinner clubs. A time when hip shaking was innocent and people were clothed  - and that my friend...isn't so bad.


Danièle said...

Great I am putting the twist ones on my list of "to watch". I useed to dance the twist when I was about 5!

Becky said...

Such silly movies with such good music! Grew up watching 'em!