Friday, August 19, 2011

Feel Good Friday!

via always censored on pinterst
I am surprised I'm not an action figure by now. Someone needs to get on that. While I'm on the phone with Mattel Toys, enjoy these awesome Friday goodies.

I know that it's still summer out there but I'm betting a lot of you are thinking of fall and winter. This embroidery is probably the most adorable clever piece ever. Septemberhouse is brilliant.

See these ladies? They are my buds and I get to see them in September. I heart them more than words can say. We talk almost every day, can say a certain word or phrase and crack up because it's some sort of inside joke. Close friends always make me feel good.

I really need a circus ring, like need it now! has great jewelry at reasonable prices. I'll just take one of everything please.

It taste just like chicken...
Oh yeah! Get yer Friday on! Get out there and conquer the world but take a friend with you-conquering the world can get kind of lonely.

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Becky said...

Love today's post!!! That poem-y thing at the end is precious! Here's to a superb weekend for everyone!!!