Monday, August 8, 2011

Pool Passion

I mentioned yesterday that we just got a pool. It's not the kind you can really swim in (unless you are a 12 pound Jack Russell) but you can have a nice soak after a long day. Although I can't dive or swim in it, that doesn't stop me from practicing my water ballet maneuvers. Who better to take lessons from than Esther Williams herself, so I pulled out a few of my favorite Williams movies and began practicing my moves.

Let's see, Bathing Beauty will definitely help with my leg kicks and splits, I'm sure of it! Esther and Red Skelton star in this delightful movie about a songwriter and a gym teacher in love but outside forces try to split them up. I'm still not sure how they got all of those wonderful costume changes and fancy lights in a school swimming pool, but hey, if they can do it-so can I.
Next up is Neptune's daughter. There are several reasons I picked this. 1-great bathing suit inspiration 2-Ricardo Montalbahn stars in it (KAHN!) and 3-the water ballet in this movie is to die for! Now, this movie isn't going to win any major awards for acting but it is silly and will take your mind off life for a little bit. Once again, Esther and Red team up and love is found, lost, and found again but this time, it involves an Oscar winning song, Baby It's Cold Outside.
Last up for my training videos, ummm, I mean entertaining films is Dangerous When Wet. Esther, plays a young woman who plans to swim the English Channel. And guess who her co-star in this movie, Fernando Lamas! I know! I squealed too! The absolute best part of this movie is her routine with cartoon cat and mouse, Tom and Jerry.
Okay, I think I have her moves down, I sent OMP out to set up the gel lights and the underwater cameras, Lola, Jujube and Pete are dressed up like spouting fountains and I am ready for my close up. I mean, I saw it in a movie once, I'm pretty sure I can pull it off.

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