Wednesday, September 28, 2011

My Hair Should Have Its Own Blog

Recently I was reading a thread on Facebook about how someone felt unattractive. I was surprised by how many people chimed in that they felt the same way. It completely bummed me out that so many wonderful women and men have body image issues. These are people, who on every other level, have their entire life together, but when it came to being comfortable in their skin-they couldn't do it.

I started thinking about my own body and how I perceive it. I know I have days when I feel less than stellar but for the most part, I'm okay in my skin. I have spectacular boobs (sorry to offend, but they are damn great) and I love the way my tattoos look on my skin, each one is a piece of my history. Don't even get me started on my fab hair-it should have its own blog.

Now, there are things that aren't so great with my body. I have a huge gap in my teeth that I would love to fix once I have insurance-but it doesn't keep me from laughing my loudest and flashing a big smile. My body is less limber than it use to be  but I can dance when a great song comes on the radio. I do have a bit of a belly, but even then-I love my body. It has carried me through life and so far has been a pretty amazing vessel.

I guess what I am wondering is, what makes you love your outer skin as much has your love your inner being? What would it take for you to look in the mirror and instead of saying, "I'm fat, ugly and gross" to "I am curvy, beautiful and fabulous!"

We should love ourselves as a complete person. When it comes to the end of the day, even the end of our lives-we are truly all we have. Sure, we have friends and loved ones to be with us but our best friend should be ourselves.

Think about this, when a friend starts bad mouthing herself, do you say,"Goodness, you are right, lose some weight fatty." Of course you don't, and if you do-you need serious help, like a good pop on the head. You tell them how beautiful they are, how amazing they are, how wonderful it is to have them in your life. Why is it so hard to do that for yourself?

I guess my bottom line is, no matter what size, what "flaw" you have, you are you. There is no one out there exactly like you. There is no one who can laugh like you, who can smile like you and love like you. To me, that is mind blowing.

Always act like you're wearing an invisible crown.
~Author Unknown


Anonymous said...

One of my favorite quotes ever is from the TV show Dharma and Greg, where Dharma is talking to a baby and says, "Your body is your temple, but it is also your dance hall and your bowling alley."

alteredmommy said...

say it again sistah!! and your hair definitely should have its own blog.. :)

Hortigirl said...

Couldn't agree more! It's something I struggle with being always slightly overweight. Sometimes I think the problem is that I just don't see myself realistically.

When I look in the mirror my view of my body is colored by my mood and other trivial things.

It's interesting to think about and I, for one, could use some improvement in this area!

Hello there! My name is June said...

What a super-positive post! I love it! I think every day women should pick at least one thing they love about themselves & celebrate it!

Digital Misfit said...

You are amazing and beautiful.
I am afflicted with more physical "flaws" than average - countless scars, overweight, and if I am not quick with a razor (and I am usually not!) I have more body hair than any woman should.
That said, I am still fucking fabulous! My boobs fill out a sweater beautifully, I have pretty awesome lips, and I look good in a hat.

AlwaysInspired said...

Perfectly said Pam! I rock my boobs and my gap toothed smile too! :)

Jill said...

I love this post so much. Thank you so much for a dose of kind, healthy perspective. I want to print a copy of this so I can read it again whenever I have "one of those days".

Anonymous said...

you already know this; i think you're fabulous.