Thursday, September 15, 2011

WIP 4 Seasons

Well, we had our two weeks of summer and now fall is upon us. Know that that means? Scary movies, fires, lots and lots of stitching. There is something about fall and winter that just make me want to curl up with a good black and white film and stitch until sunrise. Add some apple cider and I'm in heaven.

My dear friend Becky knows I am a sucker for a vintage pattern and when she stumbled across this at a thrift store, she thought of me and knew I would be more than willing to stitch it up. It is the four seasons with a sun dial in the middle. I'm not really what color to do the middle yet.

Here is the entire piece. It is about a foot in length and maybe 10 inches wide. I have no idea what I am going to do with it once I'm finished. Any suggestions?



My little space heater and critic

What are you working on for fall?

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Sam said...

That's adorable. It would make a nice wall hanging if you framed it with strips of fabric to match.

I'm working on some fall projects myself. I'm embroidering some leaves and acorn and I have pumpkin, leaves and other fall fabrics to make my mom a mug rug. Then I MUST move on the my Christmas projects!

I love your blog. Your stitching is great! (And so are your puppies!)