Sunday, October 16, 2011

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

I'm going to level with you guys, the past couple of weeks has not been the best in Scrappy Dogland. Two of my favorite pups passed away and my heart has been a little heavy. Lately, it seems that all of my Scrappy Dog Sundays have been dedicated to sweet babes who needed to move on.

Butch was a scrappy before scrappy was cool! His sweet face and mastery at tug-o-war made him a legend around the dog park.
 He never met an enemy and loved to travel. He was on the go! (I'm suspecting there was some terrier in that little body, just a hunch)
He was spoiled, loved and over the top-isn't that the way all puppies should be?

Oh boy, my friend Olive, what can I say about her? She is quite the contrast to Butch. She is sophisticated, laid back and never met a nap she didn't like

Don't get me wrong, she loved to play too. She was a water dog, through and through.

But naps...that was her time to shine.

Whether romping around the states or just laying back on the couch, Olive did it with style and grace that only a silly black lab could.

I don't think we can ever explain the love for a pet. It is something you have to experience. It is overwhelming, frustrating, and maddening but also warm, unconditional and inspiring. It is feeling like no other and when you lose that, you really do have a hole in your heart. Both Butch and Olive will be missed but in their lifetime, they made us stronger, laugh louder and love more than we ever could before. 


Unknown said...

Lovely tribute Pam!

Unknown said...

such a sweet post my furbabies..they're like my kids. I feel bad for those who lost they're loveies.
A wonderful post to honor your friends and their furry loves.

Jill said...

So sweet to see Lisa's little Butchie here today. He was such great little guy. Lisa and Sean gave him such a wonderful life full of fun and love. Sweet tribute~

Denise said...

I always think that I will meet all my beloved pets when I die. It will be a very loud and happy time ;)

Lisa said...

Oh Pammy! Thank you sweetheart! This post took my by suprise, and it was such a lovely suprise too! I showed it to my husband and we both had a teary moment. This means so much to me, really.
Love to you, my dear!

Bascom Hogue said...

Pam, you and OMP are trued friends to animals and those who love them.

Bunny Henningsen said...

Pam, so sad to say goodbye. They take up such a big place in our lives. You have some great pictures to remember them by.

Bex said...

Thanks for posting about everyone's loss. It's nice to share all these babies with other people. Butch and Olive are missed dearly I'm sure.

HSG said...

Lovely commentary on two wonderful puppers! Sorry to hear about Olive, did not know Betty had lost her sister.