Wednesday, November 23, 2011

31 More Days!

Oh my GAWWWDDDDD! 31 more days! I can't believe it! Now,  I'm not gonna get into the whole Black Friday thing because really, do you need to get up early to get that glow in the dark chia pet? No you do not! You need to get online and support your indie artist!

One of my favorite saucy stitchy artist is Schnidermania. She is sweet and yet very naughty! What a combo! Her pillows are just stunning.  Guess what? She also just launched a new line of hankies. Did I hear you squeal with delight? I thought so! (there are a few NSFW images, so it might not be a great idea to have your six year old on your lap while cruising around)

I would love to give this one up but you'll have to pry it from my cold dead hand. Can you figure out what it says? Hee hee!

My friend over at Bubble Off Plumb Production Inc. rocks my socks! She makes creepy zombie teeth, voodoo varmints and cute dog collar cozies. I really think I need to get the pups some collar cozies. They are reversible and washable, which is good if you have a drooler. Don't you want your pup to be stylin' and profilin', if you said no,  then what kind of parent are you. Shame on you! I demand that you go and buy a cozie now-your dog demands it.

Don't have a dog, then get a voodoo varmint to ward off what ails ya. Right now, I think I need this.

So, skip those big box stores and support your local and indie artist and shops. It will add lots of goodness to your karma bank. Can you really buy this kind of love at Walmart-I didn't think so.


TheMistressT said...

YEY! Thanks so much for including my Collar Cozies and Varmint Voodoo dolls in your post, dollface! I know it's still only Turkey Thursday, but I'm popping over to etsy to shop right now!

Anonymous said...

thanks miss pam, you're the bomb diggy!

Denise said...

Great things to get or give! By the way guess what my mom's initials are? That's right PMS LOL. Used to tease her about that.