Monday, November 28, 2011

Helping Hank

 Normally, Mondays are my movie days with you but this Monday is all about Hank and how you can help him for the next few hours (until midnight tonight).

I am stealing this from my friend Krissi's blog page so you will have the 411 on Hank.

To all my friends who love animals (as well as music and lifting heavy things)...Allyson Seconds was my first trainer at BodyTribe and she rescues animals. In fact, she was late to our first session because she was rescuing a squirrel. Her most recent rescue (that I know of) is Hank, a very sweet black lab whom she has had for about a year. He has come down with Leptospirosis, and has had some vet bills this past week that are tough for Al to handle. Her other dog, Lulu (also a rescue) had two vet incidents this month too, and Al makes her living making music and making people strong, so her financies are limited. There are a couple of ways to help. You can buy something (and support a local artist) from Krissi Sandvik through Monday, or donate directly to Al via PayPal. See both options here:

Just think of it, you can get some great art and help a great cause! How cool would you be? People dig kind hearts. It's true. As an added bonus, if you help, I'll give you a hug next time I see you. That should be incentive right there. A hug and helping out. They might make you a saint.

Remember, you have until midnight tonight, so get on it!  

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Krissi said...

Thank you SO MUCH for reposting this, Pam! And guess what? An anonymous donor stepped up and offered to match ALL the donations from sales of Help Hank items through DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR until midnight tonight!

Oh, and I'll add a hug from me to the deal as well. ;)