Monday, March 1, 2010

Make Em' Laugh

I love an intelligent comedy-yeah right! Who am I kidding. I love a good slapstick belly aching laugh in your face comedy.  Throughout the years, some would say that slapstick has been dumbdown for the masses. I beg to differ. There is nothing harder than pulling off a prat fall to make it look painful yet funny and flawless. It is a loss art.

The Bellboy is still regarded as one of Jerry Lewis' best films. Maybe it's because we don't have to hear him talk-it's just a theory I have. The slapstick is priceless and you are cringing and giggling at Stanley the bellboy's adventures in a Luxurious Miami hotel. The funniest scenes are the part that Jerry Lewis plays himself and the bellboy. It is regarded as one of Jerry Lewis' greatest films and in the world of slapstick is held in high regard.

I don't know any man that does not like the Marx brothers. A Night at the Opera is considered one of the best films in the Marx Brothers filmography. Once again they take on high society by giving socialites just what they deserve and helping a friend get his chance breaking into the opera and win the girl.

A more modern day twist on slapstick comes from across the pond with Mr. Bean in the appropriately titled Bean. Once again, words are not really needed as the physical comedy plays out on the big screen. Rowan Atkinson plays Mr. Bean, a caretaker for the British Royal Gallery on his way to the US. He stays with a California family and the slapstick ensues. The kitchen scene with the turkey is priceless.

So check that ego at the door, dig deep back into your childhood and throw on one of these slapstick comedies These movies will cure whatever ails you. The only problem you'll have left is the pain in your gut from giggling so much.


beefranck said...

I love the Marx Brothers, tenderly and deeply. :)

OMP said...

Hey - you can't fool me, there is no Sanity Clause!