Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Somewhere Over the Rainbow

So what-I'm a little dorky-I like rainbow cupcakes. Don't judge! You know you want to make some too! It was the easiest although time consuming thing ever! Let me show you how!

Things you will need:
White cake mix
Gel food coloring (make sure the red is non flavor)
cupcake pan and liners
frosting (I was going to make butter cream but I got lazy)

First, mix up your cake according to the box. If you are extra fancy-you can make your own cake with sifting flour, mixing the egg whites or just have Betty Crocker to it for you. After the cake is mixed up-separate it into 6 smaller bowls (or however many colors you want to use)

The reason I used gel coloring is that the color is much more vivid and bright. Mix your gel into the batter.

Spoon each layer in. I started with purple and moved up the spectrum. After putting each layer down-put a small amount of water on your finger and spread the batter to cover the color before it.

Bake and decorate


I LOVE the way the colors came out and the cupcake liner looks just as cool. These cupcakes will brighten anyone's rainy day.


Giggly said...

I totally have to try making these. The kids would LOVE it. :) They look so moist and delicious.

Lisa said...

Friggen awesome!!!

sweetness said...

So pretty, Pam! Bright and beautiful just like you! :)

Becky said...

Makes my teeth hurt I want one so

I was admiring your manicure, thinking "hey, I have that color blue polish," reading along and whooops! "What happened to her manicure?" Oh. DOH! Mark must have helped!

OMP said...

Becky - yep, there is no mistaken my meaty paws for Pam's dainty digits. I spooned the goo in and Pam was in charge of spreading the batter to the cup edge. Oh and boy are they good!!!!

Unknown said...

They are so pretty! And look super yummy too :)