Wednesday, September 22, 2010

The Only Thing We Have to Fear.......

Today I was feeling REALLY needy. I desperately wanted someone at 5am to talk to. I wanted them to listen to my rants about feeling down, being angry, and that I really really wanted a coconut popsicle. Everyone in the house was asleep. I couldn't even bother the dogs without getting a snarl. Then I started to wonder why I was feeling so needy and wanting so much attention. It wasn't the fact that I really wanted to talk to someone, I was just feeling very fearful about what lies ahead of me. I really wanted someone just to take away my problems and tell me under no certain terms that the future was solid. In reality, I know that the future is never solid and is forever changing, but it made me think more about fear and how it plays out in my world.

Fear can grip us as a whole community. It can make us hate and blame others for changes that we feel are out of our control. It can cause extreme feelings that make clearly rational people do nutty things. Fear always needs a scapegoat. It can freeze everything around us.

Just as fear can make us hate, it can also give us something to fight for, a challenge. This is the way I am choosing to look at it. When I began to get scared about my financial future, I instantly go into creative mode. I start to think of ways to pay bills, ways to create a positive environment around me so I don't get stressed. I think of ways to be resourceful. Fear also allows me the "I'll be damned" feeling. You know this feeling...I'll be damned if I let this get me down, defeat me, or allow it to scare me anymore. I begin to feel empowered by the strength that I sometimes forget I have.

The best way too take on fear is to not take it on at all. Now before you shake you head and say "Pam, what are you talking about?". Think about it. If you didn't take on fear but took on a new adventure-how great would that be? You would be embarking on something completely new to you. It's all about perception. You can stand frozen with fear or you can come out doing high leg kicks ready for that adventure.

Now, I don't want to be all preachy and all "warm group hug, wind beneath my wings" on you. I'm not going to make you sit in a circle and pass around a talking stick, but what I am going to do is tell you that embracing your fears, facing your fears and then letting them go is something everyone should do. Don't worry about what people think if you want to quit your computer job and join the circus. Let go of  the fear of acting your age. Say goodbye to the fear of no control-it never looked good on your anyway. Say hello to a new adventure-you might be pleasantly surprised at what you find. It could be a new friend, a new thought or even a new you. I feel much better and I'm gonna go get that coconut popsicle.


Becky said...

Just FYI- I'm on FB a lot so if you are awake and want a chat, I'm probably there! Click on the chat box.
I know how you mean about the uncertain future stuff..and agree, you can't dwell on it too much or you'd send yourself nuts. I am the eternal 'But what if...' person but I have to snap out of it. Lately I've been telling myself that the BEST is yet to come..
(while stitching).

AlwaysInspired said...

You can always express feelings so well. They always resonate with me too. I have those feelings often. Sometimes the thought of the future just sucks, but I keep telling myself it won't suck it will just be different.

Becky said...

Well said Sister!

And if you are up at 5am then I am probably awake here so call me!!!

Giggly said...

Thanks for posting this Pam. For some reason lately,Today especially, I have been daydreaming of the distant future with fear instead of peace. This post really helped me. (HUGS)

TroubleT said...

There is nothing wrong at all in having those afraid or needy moments as long as you acknowledge them and don't let them consume you. :)

You know where to find my phone number. I'm a willing ear when you need one. *hugs*