Monday, September 27, 2010

Top It Off with Topper

Some time ago, I  disliked movie series. The majority of the time, the second movie is an awful abomination put on this Earth to just swindle you out of your hard earned cash. This is not the case in 1-The Thin Man Series and 2-The Topper Series. I can't believe I haven't mentioned Topper before. Did you know it stars one of my favorite actors-Asta the dog. Yeppers, it's true.

To start off the series is Topper. Filmed in 1937, it stars several wonderful actors such as Cary Grant and Constance Bennett. The story is about a henpecked bank president who works for the  fun loving Grant and Bennett. Here's  the catch is that they are ghosts and he is the only one that can see them. They are stuck in limbo until they correct all their bad deeds with good ones. Roland Young plays Cosmo Topper but the film is definitely stolen by his clueless wife, Billie Burke.

1938 saw the return of Cosmo Topper and his favorite ghost Constance. Unfortunately Cary Grant did not make a return but we do get to see Asta. This time around a friend of Mrs. Topper convinces her that she needs to divorce Cosmo. Constance helps her favorite Toppy win back the love of his life and make her way to heaven.

A few years later, in 1941 Roland Young revives his role as Topper but this time Constance Bennett has made it to heaven and he is bothered by another blonde bombshell, Joan Blondell. We add a little mystery to the plot with Topper helping Joan's character find her murder.

I just adore this series. It's fun, lighthearted and all around great for laughs. Hey, just like me! Anyhoo, check out these great movies. You will thank me later.

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Becky said...

I love Topper! And I still want an Asta!

Is Eddie Rochester Anderson in all 3 of the movies?