Friday, February 25, 2011

Feel Good Friday!

Howdy pardners! It's Friday  and guess what? I have a deep secret to share with you. I'm a little embarrassed, but I figure I'm among friends, so what the heck. I have secretly always wanted to be a cowgirl. As I look out my window and watch the traffic, I yearn for a wide open space to do my cowgirl thing.
Isn't she the cutest? I'm pretty sure that I look this cute when I am out on the range-and by range, I mean my backyard. My friend Becky stitched this up for me when we first met. She's good people and does some awesome stitching! 

 No one captured the wild west and rodeos like Erwin E. Smith. His photos show real cowboy and cowgirl life and the colorful pageantry of wild west shows. 

Even though I can't live out my fantasy of roping and riding (at least right now), I watch American Cowgirl and get my quick fix

I'm pretty sure I need this shirt to be a real cowgirl.

I definitely need these boots

And maybe this horse...I need to start off slow, I don't want to get bucked off.

Oh my little wranglers! One day I will live out my dream of having a little piece of land. Do a little farming, a little riding, a little gazing of OMP in his wranglers...oops, probably should kept that one to myself. Until then, I will just have to keep looking up at the stars and wishing. Yeehaw!


Becky said...

Pin-Up gorgeous CowGirl - it's you!!! One day it will happen.

Katy said...

WOAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH those boots are awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and of course love the cowgirl embroidery!)


Hortigirl said...

Right there with ya'! Went birthday shopping with my mom and made her buy me flannel shirts despite her protests. I like your shirt better though.

Becky said...

Aww you showed my stitchins!
I love that shirt. I need one too. And the horsey head. Your back yard/range sounds good. One question: can one stitch when one is riding a horse?

* said...

The stitchiness is awesome and so are those dang boots!!
I went through a 'cowgirl' phase many years ago, while traveling cross country, I rode horses, attempted to rope a calf (with no success) camped outdoors and cooked on an open flame and had the most wonderful pair of boots...ah the adventures. Thanks for the walk down memory lane for me. :)