Monday, February 14, 2011

A Little Bit of Love

Love is everywhere today. Boxes of chocolates are flying off the shelves, love poems are being written and smooches are being had all over the world. Now, I love Valentines Day, but I hate romance movies. They are so over the top ridiculous, the dialogue pains me to no end and the stories are week and insulting... with that being are my favorite movies for lovers.

My first choice for a great couple's movie is Grease. How can you not call this a wonderful Valentines movie? It's classic, plus you and your sweetie can sing all the songs together while acting out the scenes...oh yeah, a little role play to spice up the romance. Seriously,  trust me on this one. If you pop this dvd into the player, your scoring points will go through the ceiling. You two can decide who's gonna be Sandy and who's gonna be Danny-I'm staying out of that one. 

Okay, fine, so singing and role playing isn't your sort of thing. You want something a little more classic but will still give you a chuckle. How about Bringing Up Baby? This film has two of my favorites-Cary Grant and Katherine Hepburn in it. You've got a little bit of science, some romance and a terrier! How can you go wrong with a terrier in a movie-you can't, you just can't.

My last love movie has one of my favorite romance guys in it. Almost all of my favorite movies about love have this guy in it. Say Anything, Better Off Dead, Gross Pointe Blank...I'm talking about John Cusack. This time he stars in the quirky  comedy romance High Fidelity. The music alone will make you so very happy and in the mood.

Alright my little loves, time to for me to get my groove on...awww yeah....that's what I'm talking about...Happy V-day. XOXOX


Becky said...

Happy Yucky Mushy Stuff day to you and OMP!

I'm with ya on the zero to limited tolerance of romantic movies. I prefer the cornball love of Ma & Pa Kettle and the sophisticated romance of Nick and Nora Charles.

TroubleT said...

I'm a HUGE Grease fan! :D

Happy Valentine's Day Cupcake Lady!