Monday, May 9, 2011

Buck Em'

It's no secret that I am huge fan of the rodeo. Starting in the early spring and going into fall, I can be found watching or going to rodeos. Bullriding, bronco riding and barrel racing are among my favorites.

The first movie that comes to mind when you talk about the rodeo, and bullriding in particular, is 8 Seconds. Now this film isn't gonna win any awards but it is a good little film. Luke Perry does an excellent job portraying Bullriding legend, Lane Frost (did I just use Luke Perry and excellent in the same sentence...I think I've fallen off the mechanical bull too many times). It is a very simple story of a boy with a dream. If you know the story, you know the tragedy. You will also get to see fast pace bullriding by another Rodeo legend, Ty Murray. 

Oh my goodness, Steve McQueen as a cowboy! Did I just die and go to heaven? Junior Bronner is  a wonderful film about an aging cowboy coming back home after being on the rodeo circuit for too long. He has to contend with a gold seeking father, a resigned mother and a brother who cares more for money than the land. Just when he thinks he wants to settle down, true to cowboy form, he yearns for the road and the solitude it provides.

Cowboys and mystery, right up my alley! 1951's Rodeo King and the Senorita tells the story of murder, rodeos and senoritas - how convenient! Just another Saturday night in a small western town. This wonderful "B" movie has saucy women and even saucier cowboys. It stars Rex Allen and his famous horse Koko. Rex was a singing cowboy but don't let that fool you, he means business in this rodeo masterpiece. A little trivia...he did a lot of voice overs for Disney and you can still hear his voice on many shows and rides.

Well my little bucking broncos, there ya have it. A few films to get your 8 seconds on. You'll have a romping good time watching these cowboys get bucked and it will be less painful than if you tried it yourself.

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Becky said...

That's funny, I just watched Junior Bonner a couple of weeks ago! When I come to visit, you can take me to the rodeo. :)