Monday, May 2, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

May is here! It only seems like yesterday that we were shoveling snow and fighting the rain...wait, that really was yesterday. Mother Nature may be a few months behind but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate the coming of warmer weather. Here are a few movies to put a spring in your step.

Seven Brides for Seven Brothers is a wonderful musical with songs from the great Johnny Mercer. A woodsman catches a bride in 1850 Oregon and his brothers decide they need one too. The barn dance scene is to die for and yes, it is silly and over the top because everyone who lives in Oregon knows that no one dances here-we all just sit and stare at the musicians playing. MGM considered this a B movie until it was nominated and awarded several prestigious movie awards, including an Oscar.

It Happens Every Spring is a silly Disney style sports movie that is perfect for everyone. Sports, a silly scientist and cute girls round out this delightful little film. A scientist makes a discovery of a chemical that makes baseballs repel wood and quickly decides to cash in on his discovery. The original story was penned by the same writer as Miracle of 34th Street.

Last but not least, a movie about May Day, or the workers on May Day. Salt of the Earth is based on the true story of strikes against the Zinc Coal Mine. This 1954 movie portraying the struggles of Mexican American workers and the plights of prejudice could have easily been written for today's moviegoers. This movie was written by one of the original Hollywood 10, who were blacklisted by the refusing to answer to congress.

Well, there ya go, three movies to help you get through the spring thaw. These movies, just like the new season, will renew your faith, make you see things from a different perspective and have you whistling a different tune. Happy Spring everyone!

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