Friday, July 15, 2011

Feel Good Friday!

It's Friday and I am one happy camper! I got music blasting in the background and I am ready to enjoy the weekend!

I love ice cream! This one might be too cute to eat. Who am I kidding, I would still eat it. PixieFey does an excellent job of stitching up this adorable little cone. You can stitch your own with this free pattern.

I love blogs that have party ideas. Birthday Girl is one of those blogs. So many great ideas and beautiful pictures.

I am obsessed with funky manicures. I really want some nail strips. I don't care if every 8 year old is wearing them, I must have them and I just know that my nails would look fab. 

I'm not sure who this kitty belongs to but I'm pretty sure they are brilliant.

Okay my little love kitties. I am gonna roll on out to the backyard and enjoy the family. OMP has my fruity cocktail made. Now if I can just get him out of that cabana boy outfit. WINK!

Blessed is he who has learned to laugh at himself
for he shall never cease to be entertained.
-John Boswell


Unknown said...

Ahhhh Hello Kitty kitty!! I have to have that outfit!! Have a great weekend Pam!

Judith said...

I love the saying I love you with all my Butt!

So funny!!!

Becky said...

My butt is bigger!!!

That Hello Kitty is totally killing me!

Happy weekend to you two too.

Hortigirl said...

Rolling on the floor.....