Sunday, July 31, 2011

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

I'm pretty sure my dogs follow this mantra. As a matter of fact, Pete may have written this.

Not only do we have pups running around the backyard, but we also have quite a few birds.
 Feeding frenzy with the finches.

Our resident crows, or at least one of them. I really wish they would stop trying to put their raft in the pond and demand refills on their cocktails and peanuts.

Lola has tried to fly with our Heron. Thankfully, Mark
stopped her before she grabbed on to the tail feathers and flew away.

This beautiful Coopers Hawk comes every year and helps get rid of the riff raff.

And last but not least, our humming birds. They are with us all year long.

I love that we have so birds come and visit, even when the dogs are in the backyard. It's our own little wild kingdom.


Unknown said...

I love watching birds--we've got a few visitors too. I especially love the hummingbirds.

Unknown said...

You have all those in your back yard! Oh my word! I love watching birds and your backyard is a little haven..;0) Funny story about my cocker Tucker..we were visiting some friends that have a couple cocker spaniels. My little Tucker was so scared that he sat there like a statue..didn't move a muscle, didn't even blink..their dog walked up to him..sniffed him..and peed on him. Thought he was a fire hydrant or something. LOL!

Becky said...

I love the bird watching so much I put feeders right outside the window beside my desk! Been watching the baby cardinals shed their downy feathers and grow up all summer.

Jealous of your pond birds. Must build one where I can see it!

Becky said...

I love all of your visitors!
PS: I plan to be one of them within the next year! Will you let me in?

Unknown said...