Sunday, October 23, 2011

Scrappy Dog Sunday!

AGGGGGGHHHHHH! Run if you can! Close your eye! Gasp at the horror of the THREE LITTLE MONSTERS!!!!!!!! (da, da., DAAAAAAAAA)

You'll turn away in fright at the sight of FrankenPetey!
You will shake in your boots at the vicious snarling of WereLola!

You will laugh with delight at Jujube until she bites your neck and DRINKS YOUR BLOOD!

If you see any of these wild beasts in your area, give their mother your Halloween candy instantly! It's the only way to save yourself! No crappy old people's candy either-good stuff like whole chocolate bars! It's the ONLY WAY! 


TheMistressT said...

EEK! Pete knows I like my boyfriends costume-friendly. Good boy!

~Pete's Girlfriend

Denise said...

AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH......I think I just wet myself....:)